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A man with a replacement leg, sitting next to his bicycle with a delivery box
A family with two adults and two teenage children, riding bicycles
A man riding his bicycle on the street, with headphones around his neck
A teenage girl trying out a bike in a bicycle shop. She is looking at the viewer
A street in India, with lots of bicycle riders and colourful scenery
A woman walking with her bicycle, with the sun on her face, smiling

United Global Voice

We believe in the power of unity to amplify our message about the benefits of cycling to bring about change at a global scale.

The World Cycling Alliance (WCA) is a non-profit organisation registered in Brussels, Belgium, dedicated to connecting, developing and spreading the best cycling advocacy efforts around the world.

We represent a mix of non-government bicycle advocacy organisations for everyday cycling and micromobility, working together to create a unified, effective voice to promote sustainable transport, human health and improved built environments in communities across the globe.

We aim to foster cooperation and knowledge exchange among cycling advocacy organisations, ensuring that cycling plays a central role in reducing transport emissions, creating more liveable cities, improving economic prosperity, and enabling social cohesion.

A woman leaning on her bicycle, looking into the camera smiling

Cycling benefits people and planet

A woman walking with her bicycle, with the sun on her face, smiling


Cycling improves population health including mental health, cardiovascular and musculoskeletal health, and reduces risk of diabetes and dementia 

Image by Febiyan

Climate Action

Cycling produces no emissions and can significantly reduce the climate impacts of the transport sector

Two young girls with bicycles, smiling at the viewer. One wears a green jacket


Cycling is a social activity that brings people together. It enables people to get out on the street and interact with others and their environment.

A group of five bike riders in a public plaza

Clean Air

Cycling emits no localised air or noise pollution. With thousands of death caused by particulates globally, cycling can help mitigate these impacts.

A shopfront with a bicycle parked in front


People spend more money when cycling or on foot than when driving. And cycling tourism is a booming industry throughout the world

A woman in modified tricycle for her disability, She has a dog with her. She is looking at the viewer

Access and Equality

Cycling gives freedom to children, seniors and people living with disability. It provides access to public transport, school, shopping and other everyday activities

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